• Each new character can start with one free magic or one free familiar.

• The types of magic your character can have are limitless. However, you will need to write out a magic ladder in their profile and gain Staff approval before writing your character with their abilities. This ladder shows how your character’s magic progresses in each magic level. You will want to make sure to spread out the power in each level to avoid your character being too overpowered.

• To keep it simple, each magical ability will have three levels (1-3). The first should be very basic, where your character typically gets tired easily when trying to use their power. Then level 3 will be when they have mastered their ability:

Level 1 reached at 0 EXP
Level 2 reached at 75 EXP
Level 3 reached at 200 EXP
*Note: This system is subject to change as gameplay progresses.


Familiars & Pets

• Familiars share a special bond with your character. They are able to communicate telepathically with them but are not able to have their own magic until your character reaches a specific milestone. They can be any creature, realistic or fantasy. To start, your character is allowed to have one free familiar that is up to 6 feet tall. Overall, each character is allowed to have one familiar up to 20 feet or up to three familiars that are each up to 3 feet. You must gain Staff approval for any familiars before writing them with your character.

• Pets are also a small part of gameplay. They are only available as prizes for dice rolls in Events of Magic, but if your character wins one, they become a simple type of companion. They aren’t able to have magic and cannot communicate telepathically with your character. They can be any domestic animal and must be a realistic size to that animal. Characters can have up to two pets each.